'Team mates'


As this will be the final ‘team mates’ of the year we asked our outgoing mens captain and fav shams son Ger Mccullagh the tough questions.

Name..Ger Mccullagh
Age..30 (great age)

Best trainer:.. Have to be Philly Doyle. Always up the front in drills, very little messing around out of him when he’s on the field. Willing to fight if necessary too! Worst trainer:..Would be the like of Collie Donnelly. Wen he turns up, he’s late, always pullin out of drills. He is an old man though!

Most skillful: ..Chips Drummond. Savage sidestep on him. Very skillful player

Best player I played with:…Davy Byrne (former Dublin goalkeeper) Thee ultimate professional whom we all looked up to in Ratoath. Serious keeper too

Fave shams moment:…God there’s been loads of these, but I think comin off the bench & contributing to beating the reigning champions Morley and raising the cup as captain after would have to be up there.

Best dancer:.. Adrian Byrne-easy!
Most intelligent: Gavin Donaghy. Especially when he rocks up with his glasses on. University educated man & it shows!

Least intelligent:… Shakes. Spelling mistakes & dopy as hell.

Best dressed:… Dempsey. Class dresser-always has the latest trends on him that lad

Worst dressed:…Ooooh, probably the most competitive category in the club I’d say, so bare with me here! Boyler’s come out wit some fairly shockin items on him. Or shakes with his flared jack & jones jeans from 1998 wit holes in his shoes is pretty bad! Karl Keenan must get a mention here too, atrocious!

Tell a joke:..Have you seen the price of Velcro these days? What a rip off!

Three people you would invite to dinner:..Ok, ive thought of this before. John F Kennedy would be one, im amazed by that mans story, Ricky Gervais for entertainment & probably Emily Ratakowski from the “blurred lines” video for something to look at!

Your Stuck on a desert island & your allowed one item what would it be??
Hands down my iPod. Any part of life is made better with a few tunes!

Worst drinker:..Surprised your even askin me this…congratulations Eoin Horan!

Best drinkers:..Gonna seem like I’m picking on the guy but Shakes again, when that man starts he don’t stop! Absolute Trooper on the beer I have to say!!

Funniest sham:..Pip Sheil. Everything that man says I laugh at.

Stupidest Sham..No such thing!

Fave movie:…Oh god tough one. I’d have to say Old School or wedding crashers..gas!

Player you admired most when you were younger:… Kildare boys are gonna love this one now, but Dermot Earley was one I always admired.
He could run with the ball, score and a had a serious fetch on him. We were of a similar height, style and position and I even wore the same boots as him (puma kings boy!) So yeh, it would be him.